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Business Spanish Courses in Barcelona

Spanish is becoming increasingly important in the business world due to the growth and development of Latin American economies and the growing presence of the Spanish speaking community in the USA. Learning Business Spanish can be of great assistance in strengthening commercial relationships and starting up businesses in the expanding Spanish speaking market.

Languages4Life is located in the centre of Barcelona, the perfect city in which to learn Business Spanish. Cosmopolitan and with a great climate, Barcelona offers many opportunities to put into practice the concepts on which our Business classes are focused.

Our modern, central school is equipped with the latest technology and our highly qualified teachers will help you develop and perfect the necessary skills to successfully deal with the Spanish business world.

Languages4Life has designed the following courses in response to specific Business needs. We also offer classes tailored to respond to the specific needs of your company or institution.

  • Effective presentations.
  • Expressing yourself in Spanish in different situations through speaking and writing.
  • Holding meetings, chairing formal discussions as well as socialising in a business context.
  • Negotiation skills, how to close a deal.
  • Leadership and direction.
  • Understanding Spanish culture in order to reach agreements and maintain commercial relationships.
  • Improving your CV / résumé and holding a successful job interview.
  • Spanish in the office, commercial transactions or industry.

Languages4Life can also handle the paperwork to subsidise the Spanish courses taken by the employees of your company which can reduce costs by up to 100%.