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Corporate Spanish Training Courses in Barcelona

Barcelona has become one of the fastest-growing tech and start-up hubs in Europe. But while there’s a growing English-speaking community in Barcelona, Spanish-language skills are getting left behind. This can create difficulties with settling-in, bureaucracy, and doing business too – especially for the large number of firms that operate in both English and Spanish.

At Languages4Life we ​​have years of experience as providers of language training for companies in the Barcelona area. We can offer Spanish courses for the day-to-day, as well as Spanish training courses that focus on how to communicate in the corporate world. If you’re looking for a specific specialty then we can handle that too, with a tailored training course that matches your requirements.

It can be difficult to train staff in Spanish internally but we can take care of this as your expert provider and partner. Our teachers are native speakers and have the qualifications and expertise to teach Business Spanish.

All of our teachers hold qualifications to degree level or above, as well as years of experience teaching corporate language classes.

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Interactive Learning

We work in an interactive way – and use new technologies to blend in-class learning with online learning. The advantages of the online methods we use are:

  • Interactive and entertaining exercises
  • Built-in listening activities (no CD required)
  • Immediate correction of the exercises (with option to redo them again)
  • Monitoring of all activities and results by the teacher
  • Tests and exams available online to allow more time for classroom learning.

We begin by testing the level of your employees at no cost. Then we assign them to the corresponding group.

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The enrolment fee for the course is €60 per student and includes all teaching materials: books, DVDs, online texts and exams.

Subsidised Fees for Small & Large Companies

Most company paid course for employees are elegible for subsidies in Spain from La Fundación Tripartita para el empleo en el trabajo..

The amount awarded depends on the number of hours and students in the course, as well as the credit available to your company. Even the smallest companies have at least 420€ credit available annually. For larger groups – for example a group of more than 5 people – it is possible to obtain a subsidy to cover 100% of the cost in some cases. With smaller groups the subsidy covers part of the course cost.

To compensate the extra paperwork of applying for and justifying the subsidy, an administrative fee of 10% is charged and is also covered by the subsidy. If you have any questions or concerns about subsidies, you can contact us to find out more about what’s available.

All of our classes are going well, kudos to your team for the hard work. Angel does a particularly great job in the business Spanish class as he seems to really understand the context of the work that we do.

Alejandro Ugarte

Snr. Associate, Claro Partners

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