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Languages4Life has many years of experience providing English classes to businesses in Barcelona and the surrounding area. We offer everyday, conversational English as well as business English courses. If you are in need of a certain speciality, we are also experts in legal, medical and financial English.

Anywhere in Barcelona

We send teachers to your workplace

Flexible timetable

We adapt to your company’s needs

Small groups

6 students maximum per group.

Tailored classes

English for marketing, sales, presentation, networking, IT, interviews, negotiation, communication skills, etc.

Subsidies from the Fundación Estatal

100% subsidised classes. We handle the paperwork.


Discounts available if you sign up for more than 24 hours.

Contact us for more information.

Prices are for groups of up to 6 students.

Why do English classes in your company?

This course is ideal for you if:

  • You run a business in Barcelona and want to engage in the English market.
  • You need professional English for your job.
  • You manage a team and are interested in professional development.
  • You want classes available at times convenient for you.

How do the classes work?

  1. Fill out the sign-up form.
  2. We send one of our coordinators to your company to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.
  3. The coordinator will carry out level tests with your employees.
  4. We prepare the course content and confirm both the final price and whether your company is eligible for a 100% discount.
  5. We send over a teacher and your employees start learning!

How does the discount work?

  • Every business has a certain amount of social security funds available for educational use, which are referred to as formative loans.
  • Your company authorizes us to check your available credit, and carry out the necessary procedures.
  • Your company pays for the training.
  • Your company will get back some (or all) of the money invested in training through a social security grant.

FUNDAE (Fundación Tripartita)

Company employees are eligible for many subsidised courses through the Fundación Tripartita.

The amount of credit granted to your company will depend on the number of hours and students enrolled in the course. Even the smallest companies have at least 420€ available to them annually. In some cases, for larger groups, or groups bigger than 5 students, it is possible to have 100% of the cost covered. With smaller groups only part of the cost may be covered.

To cover the cost of paperwork and proof of funds, we charge an administrative fee of 10%, which is also covered by the grant. If you have any questions or concerns about the grant, you may contact us for more information on what is available to you.

Satisfied clients

Frequently asked questions

Do I have available credit for this training?
All Spanish companies who pay contributions to Social Security for Professional Training have credit available for employee training, which is later deducted from Social Security taxes. This credit is calculated and renewed annually.
How much credit do I have available?
The credit available to each business depends on their number of employees and how much they pay in taxes, but all businesses, even the smallest ones, are granted a minimum of 420€. To access these funds, fill out this form and send it to us! We will send you the complete Fundación Tripartita report in 24 hours.
How much of the cost can be covered?
It is possible to have 100% of the cost covered, depending on the company. The amount granted depends on various factors such as:

  • Number of employees
  • Cost of the course
  • Available credit
  • Course level: elementary/advanced
  • In-person or online course
  • Course hours
Does the credit expire if left unused?
Yes! The unused credit will expire before December 31st of this year, and the lost funds will be impossible to get back.
Can you renew the credit?
Credit is allocated every year according to the contributions made the previous year. The credit is renewed starting on January 1st and any remaining credit is lost.
How does my company receive the credit?
Your company pays Languages4Life, who in turn manages your credit with the Fundación Tripartita to cover the costs of the course. The grant consists of the reduction of the quota of the Regimen General of the Social Security, which is returned upon completion of the course.
What will the classes be like?
Fun, engaging and dynamic!

A teacher will go to your workplace and bring all the necessary material. All we need from you is a table and chairs. You will be in a small group of 6 students maximum, and will do a mixture of activities from the textbook and on the whiteboard (if you have one in your office). Our classes are student-centred, which means that the focus is on the students speaking and practising. They are structured and led by our experienced teachers, with each lesson focussed on one or two language points. There will also be plenty of time to review and recycle what you have learned, giving you the necessary practice to achieve fluency in English.

I am a complete beginner. Does the teacher speak my language?
All of our English teachers speak some Spanish. Their aim is to teach the entire class in English, and they are usually successful, but they can always help you out with the occasional Spanish translation if necessary. There are also many translation tools available online if you don’t speak Spanish. You will be amazed at what you can understand and say with the help of a well-structured, organized class and experienced teacher!

Required documentation to start a subsidised English course:

In order to obtain the grant to pay for our courses, you must become a member of the business group formed by Languages4Life and all the companies for whom we manage grants. By becoming a member you authorise Languages4ife to consult your company’s credit and apply the grant.

  • Grant access in 5 steps: Summary of how the grant works through Languages4Life and the Fundación Tripartita. You do not need to send this Languages4Life.
  • Convenio original de la agrupación: This document is a copy of the original agreement that gave rise to this business group. It is a copy for you to consult, you do not need to send this to Languages4Life.
  • Business group membership form: A leader in your company should complete and sign this form and send it to Languages4Life.

We have a very high opinion of Languages4Life and hope to continue collaborating with them after the summer. We will share this appraisal with the directors of Faura Casas.

Ferran Julià i Moli

Manager, Faura Casas

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