The holidays are coming up! Even if you’re not travelling to an English speaking country, English is the lingua franca across the world and people who work in airports, restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions usually speak English. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the ten most important English phrases to know when travelling!

Do you know where _________ is? You can fill in the blank with the destination you’re trying to get to, whether that’s a street name, a museum, a train station or a police station.

Can you show me on the map? Directions can be difficult to follow if you haven’t learned the vocabulary for directions, but getting someone to point at something on a map should help! 

How much is that? Good for markets, shops, or anywhere that you want to buy something – just point and ask! 

Can I pay with my credit card? Good to know before you commit to making a purchase! 

Excuse me, this person is bothering me. Hopefully you won’t need to use this, but if someone is bothering you, sometimes turning to a bystander and saying this loudly will embarrass them into stopping! 

Can you tell me__________? Fill in the blank with whatever information you need! 

Can you recommend a good restaurant? Make sure you don’t end up in a tourist trap – ask a local for a recommendation!   

I have been robbed. Let’s hope you don’t need to use this! But it’s best to be prepared! 

Can you speak more slowly? Don’t panic if you don’t understand straight away – it could be the unfamiliar accent, or the speed. Most people will make an effort to speak more slowly and clearly if they know that you haven’t understood them.

Do you have wifi? Saving the most important question for last, obviously! 


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