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Our Story

From our language school in beautiful Barcelona, we provide immersive, small-group English and Spanish courses that embrace the following core ideas:

Personalised, Small Group Learning
Small group learning ensures that all students get the personalised one-on-one attention and access to learning materials they require to thrive.
Friendly, Attentive Staff
Our skilled. international staff is great at teaching languages, but they are also adept at making students feel comfortable and ready to learn.
Mutual Respect
When students are presented with an inclusive, respectful learning environment, they can channel their energy into productive pursuits.
Embracing Technology
We give students access to the latest in language learning, including interactive whiteboards, video tutorials, audio lessons, and more.
School Origins

Languages4Life was launched in 2011 by John MacPeek, a language enthusiast originally from New York. John speaks six languages (English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, German, French) and is currently working on adding a seventh (Greek). It was this lifelong passion for language that inspired the school, and its name.

The school combines cutting-edge modern technology with small-group learning to give students the personalized Spanish and English language education they deserve, with the cultural benefits of Barcelona offering an immeasurable bonus.

School Origins
An Exciting New Direction

In 2015, the school added another exciting new component when Maria Blanco and ELE Barcelona joined the team. Using the TEFL Iberia template, ELE Barcelona provides Spanish language teacher training in small groups.

The creative, passionate teacher training at ELE provided the finishing touch to Languages4Life’s Spanish Department and has significantly improved the school’s ability to provide post-graduation job opportunities in Barcelona, not to mention practice opportunities with real Spanish students.

An Exciting New Direction
Early Growth & Expansion
The Next Steps

What’s better than three great language schools operating under one shared roof with a similar set of goals and values? Three great language schools joining forces to make the learning experience better for everyone.

This new, improved incarnation of Languages4Life incorporates the teacher training elements of TEFL Iberia and ELE Barcelona while maintaining the original mandate of small groups, personalised lessons, and attentive customer care.

The best part about all this? We’re just getting started!

Your Lifetime Of Fluency Starts Today

We know that everybody learns differently. That’s why we always go above and beyond to ensure that each student gets the personalised training they deserve.

Small Groups
At Languages4Life, our classes have a maximum of eight students and typically average only around five. This leads to more one-on-one time with the instructor, better access to resources, and stress-free class presentations.
Dynamic, Practical Lessons
The days of rote textbook learning are over. Our courses combine grammar, reading, and writing with immersive speaking and listening exercises to give students a practical, reality-based breadth of experience.
Cultural Input
We know you didn’t travel all the way to Barcelona to sit inside all day, and always strive to incorporate the local culture into our lessons. On top of that, classes are only four hours each day, giving you plenty of time to take in the city.
Relaxed Environment
Students learn best when they are comfortable. That’s why we offer the type of friendly learning environment where everybody knows your name. With tea and snacks on-site, you’ll enjoy hanging out on campus between classes too.
Learn at Your Pace
Our small group teaching style and assortment of class offerings are designed to make learning a language more accessible for a wider variety of students. We accommodate learners of all ages and abilities.
Get Help Inside and Outside the Classroom
Between our hand-selected pool of bilingual instructors and our attentive team of student support superheroes, you are always in good hands. From visa assistance to vocabulary preparation, Languages4Life has got you covered!
Free Fruit, Tea & Biscuits
Learning can get exhausting, and hitting the books is a great way to build up an appetite. If you need a midday energy boost, you’re always welcome to the fresh fruit and herbal tea in our common area. We even have cakes for an end of course treat.
Meet People from All Over
Spaniards are great, but they aren’t the only people you’ll meet while studying a language in Barcelona. Languages4Life has a diverse pool of students from all over the world, allowing you to interact with interesting new people daily.
Tap into the Latest Technology
Our modern, state-of-the-art classrooms boast all sorts of innovative learning technology, including interactive whiteboards, AV systems, and excellent lighting. We also have a library outfitted with Mac computers that you can use.
We’re Centrally Located
We can’t take full credit for our surroundings, as Barcelona was already pretty spectacular when we arrived, but we do take pride in our central location, just minutes from the iconic Passeig de Garcia shopping district.

Key Course Features

Across all intakes and languages, students can expect:

Small-Group Learning
Max. eight students, guaranteed
Free Trial Class
Sample any course before you enroll
Easy Scheduling
Classes always start on Monday