Frequently Asked Questions

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Spanish Courses
Is the book included in the course price?

Yes, if your course is at least 4 weeks long. If you study for less than 4 weeks you will be given photocopies and other learning material.

Is it possible to join a course that has already started?

Yes, if both you and the coordinator agree the group is appropriate for your level. The teacher can also give you additional material to help you catch up, if necessary.

When can I move forward to a higher level?

At the end of your course if your teacher and the coordinator feel you are able to participate at a higher level. You'll also have the opportunity to repeat a level test at the end of the course.

Can I have private classes at home?

Yes, we can send a teacher to your home to do classes. Check out our private classes page for prices and more information.

What will the classes be like?

The specific content varies based on your level, but all classes are fun, dynamic, and taught in small groups (maximum 8 students), with a focus on speaking and listening. Teachers incorporate activities from the textbook and the interactive whiteboard into all lessons.

What is the "communicative approach"?

The communicative approach is a teaching method that emphasises students interacting in real, ‘authentic’ scenarios in order to learn a language. Nowadays it is considered one of the most effective methods of language learning. You can read more about it here.

What does "immersion" mean?

Immersion means that from the moment you enter the classroom you will be encouraged to speak only in Spanish. You may be wondering, “how can I speak and understand Spanish if I’ve just started learning?” The answer is that our qualified and professionally trained teachers use a range of techniques in order to help a student understand, without using any translation.

Can you help me overcome my fear of speaking Spanish?

Absolutely. It is normal to be nervous, shy, or scared when speaking a new language in a new city. Our conversational teaching style is designed to give you more confidence in the classroom, but also on the streets of Barcelona (and the rest of the Spanish speaking world).

I am a complete beginner. Does the teacher speak my language?

Yes. Although our Spanish instructors conduct all courses in Spanish, they all speak some English and can assist with translations as needed. Due to our level system, you will be placed with other new learners.

Which level is best for me?

You will complete a thorough level test with one of our teachers in order to place you in the most appropriate level. This consists of an initial online test, followed by a speaking and listening test completed at the school. As soon as we have your results we will let you know which group is best for you. If you feel the level is too easy or too difficult, we can easily move you to a different one. You can start the online level test here.

Can I get a certificate once the course is finished?

Yes, we can give you a certificate stating the number of hours you've studied and level you've reached.