Extensive spanish classes

Study for four to six hours a week and spend the rest of your time exploring Barcelona.

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Small-Group Learning
With max. 8 students per class, instructors have time to devote to everybody (including you).
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No Matriculation or Hidden Fees
We are transparent about our costs, with the listed price and final price being one and the same.
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Fun, Dynamic Lessons
Communicative classes are fun, but they are also a practical way to build Spanish vocabulary fast.
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Great Mix of Cultures
Languages4Life hosts students from all over the world, each with their own diverse culture to share.

Learn Spanish In Just 4 to 6 Hours A Week

With this popular semi-intensive Spanish course, you will have plenty of time to spend outside of the classroom, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get the fluency results you desire. Our highly communicative classes feature a heavy dosage of speaking and listening, as well as reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The best part? These lessons will have you ready to hit the streets of Barcelona and start chatting with the locals.

You’ll Love Semi-Intensive Spanish if you:

iconCheckBoxValue a productive work/life/study balance.
iconCheckBoxPlan to stay in Barcelona long-term and want to boost fluency.
iconCheckBoxWant to speak Spanish in public more confidently.

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Semi-Intensive Spanish
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Semi-Intensive Spanish
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Semi-Intensive Spanish
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The Languages4Life Learning Process

We follow the standard Common European Framework of References for Languages system for evaluating fluency to ensure that students study alongside those of similar abilities and nobody gets bored or left behind.



Select Your Course

Choose the program that best suits your specific needs and schedule.



Language Assessment

Take an online level test, then follow up with an on-site speaking assessment.



Small-Group Classroom Study

The fun part! Learn a language with a small group of peers with similar fluency.


Student Evaluation

Get regular progress reports from your instructor and move up a level when ready.

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Course Curriculum

All semi-intensive courses offer 4 to 6 hours of Spanish per week, but the specific topics covered vary based on your level. Consult the list below to see what you will learn.


  • Introduce yourself and meet other people.
  • Describe people, objects, places, situations or weather.
  • Express your likes and dislikes.
  • Describe your family and friends.
  • Describe the market, clothes and shopping.
  • Make suggestions.
  • Time, dates, numbers.
  • Describe the seasons.
  • Describe transport, cities, countries.
  • Describe possessions.


  • Describe routines and habits.
  • Describe and narrate experiences and events in the past.
  • Discuss diet and lifestyle.
  • Use polite forms and give advice.
  • Talk about the future and plans.
  • Give directions and instructions.
  • Describe appearances.


  • Describe experiences, anecdotes, stories and tales of the past.
  • Express your desires and feelings.
  • Talk about hypothetical situations.
  • Discuss fictional stories.
  • Express and justify your opinions.
  • Describe emotions and give advice.
  • Describe and respond to the news and current events.
  • Describe achievements.
  • Discuss the environment and social issues.


  • Participate in discussions and describe your viewpoint.
  • Retell stories in other peoples’ words.
  • Express hypothetical conditions.
  • Give detailed and accurate explanations of preferences, descriptions, personal experiences.
  • Tell anecdotes.
  • Describe wishes and regrets.
  • Discuss future hopes and plans.
  • Discuss the arts and culture.


  • Express yourself with ease, spontaneity and effectiveness in social, academic and professional scenarios.
  • Make jokes and use double meanings or irony.
  • Be able to understand a wide variety of discourses: literary texts, films, scholarly articles, television, etc.
  • Produce clear speech, fluent and well-structured with a controlled use of organisational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices.
  • Speculate and use vague language.
  • Discuss controversy.
  • Use language of persuasion, frustration, criticism, evaluation, negotiation.


  • Take part in any conversation or discussion with ease.
  • Be able to understand with ease virtually everything you hear or read.
  • Use idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms.
  • Express yourself fluently and accurately while conveying nuances.
  • Learn to overcome communication problems with discretion.

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We’ve helped hundreds of students learn Spanish. Are you next?

Check out what these past students had to say
Samie Ahmed

I had such a fun time learning Spanish at Languages4Life! It was my first time learning Spanish in person, I went for the 1 on 1 classes with an amazing teacher called Dani who made the lessons dynamic and has a great teaching style. Also, the staff are super helpful and overall a great experience.

Emma Lenanton

I have been taking the conversational classes twice a week and have really enjoyed them. Really great way to improve Spanish consistently. Lovely school!

Monique R.

I had a great time learning Spanish at Languages4Life. I joined my first class in 2022 and came back in 2023. Its very accessible and the spanish teachers I got to know were fun and resourceful. I especially enjoyed the conversation B2 spanish class with Dani. He accommodated different interests and I learnt a lot about spanish politics and history, as well. I can only recommend this place, if you are looking for spanish languages classes!

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