Renew your NIE with Languages4Life

Renew your NIE with Languages4Life

Renewing your Spanish residence card can be almost as frustrating as applying for it in the first place. Thankfully, Languages4Life has had nearly a decade of experience in helping our students renew their residence in Barcelona, so we have compiled this detailed guide to walk you through the process. In light of the recent pandemic, immigration processes in Spain have slowed significantly, so if you’re currently renewing be prepared to wait a bit longer for your new card. 

When can I renew my residence card?

You can renew anytime from 60 days before your card’s expiration date to 90 days after its expiration date. It is advisable to begin the renewal process before your card expires; this way you will also be able to travel with a return authorization. 

Where can I submit my renewal documents?

You can turn in your documents online with an electronic certificate, or at the General Register in Barcelona at Calle Bergara 12. The platform for submitting your documentation online is quite slow and entirely in Spanish, however, the overall process is more efficient.

Due to the current health crisis, appointments are required to visit any of the immigration offices for any reason, including obtaining your digital certificate or simply turning in your documents. As usual, it is recommended you try and get an appointment in the early morning hours on a Monday. Here is the link to get a cita previa, where you will choose Barcelona → Policia-Toma de Huellas → and put in your personal information. 

What documentation do I need?

  • Your TIE.
  • Your passport.
  • Passport photos.
  • A new acceptance letter from your school, ideally accompanied by an invoice for the next year’s tuition.
  • Certificado de aprovechamiento, which your school should provide you with.
  • New proof of funds. If your family is providing you with financial assistance, make sure you include proof you will be able to access the money from within Spain. 
  • Health insurance. Make sure you are covered up to 100,000 euros, and not dollars or any other currency.  
  • And copies of all!

How can I check my renewal status?

Here. After a few weeks, your status will change from en tramite to either:

  • Requerido – A request for additional or missing documents.
  • Favorable – Your application was accepted. 
  • Denegado – Your application was denied. 

Can I renew my student residency with Languages4Life?

If you are either studying Spanish or training as an English teacher, yes! Our visa programs allow you to renew with us for either 7, 9 or 12 months, for as little as €2,100 a year. Contact our coordinator at for more information!

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