Spanish Vocabulary for Social Media

Spanish Vocabulary for Social Media

Spending time on Facebook and Instagram is part of everyday life for lots of people, and if you’re engaging online in Spanish, it’s a daily practice that will reinforce your language skills and make it feel less like you’re just wasting time! Even if you don’t have any Spanish friends, you can join groups that are focused on learning Spanish, or follow the accounts of Spanish influencers – and another good move is to change the language settings on your social media apps to Spanish so you’re absorbing new vocabulary every time you open up Instagram. So here is the vocabulary you need to successfully navigate online life in Spanish! 

Talking about social media

I saw your photos on Instagram Stories, it looked like you had a great weekend!
Vi tus fotos en instagram Stories, parece que tuviste un fin de semana genial!

It was great, but I was so annoyed with Julia for tagging me in that photo!
Sí, fue genial, pero no me gustó que Julia me etiquetara en esa foto!

On Instagram? I never saw it!
En instagram? No la ví!

No, it was the ones she put up on Facebook – who even uses Facebook anymore?
No, era una de las que colgó en Facebook – Quién utiliza Facebook hoy en día?

I didn’t see it – but you’re right, nobody uses Facebook so hopefully nobody will see it!
No la vi – pero tienes razón, nadie utiliza Facebook, así que seguramente nadie la verá!

I messaged her to take it down anyway!
Aún así le he enviado un mensaje para que la borre.

Useful vocabulary

Website – página web
Social network – red social
Wall – muro
Feed – el feed
Comment – comentario
Like – me gusta
Follower – seguidor
Private message – mensaje privado
Story – historia
Hashtag – hashtag (nice and easy!)
Influencer – influencer
Advert – anuncio
Privacy – privacidad
Private account – cuenta privada
Facebook event – evento de Facebook
To tag – etiquetar
To comment – comentar
To like – hacer “me gusta”
To post – hacer un “post”
To upload – subir
To download – bajar
To share – compartir
To take a selfie – hacer un “selfie”
To send a friend request – enviar una solicitud de amistad
To follow – seguir
To add someone – agregar alguien
To defriend someone – borrar a alguien
To publish – publicar
To edit –  editar
To put a filter – poner un filtro


I love your new profile pic!
¡Me encanta tu nueva foto de perfil!

Yum this brunch looks amazing!
Mmm, este brunch tiene una pintaza!

This event looks cool, do you want to go?
Este evento tiene muy buena pinta, ¿quieres ir?

You’ll like this article.
Este artículo te va a gustar

What a babe!
¡Qué belleza!

I’ve sent you a PM.
Te he enviado un mensaje privado

You ok, hun?
¿Va todo bien?

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